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Weather closing information

If you want to find out the status of Prairie Ridge fields, Ankeny Parks & Rec weather hotline number is 963-3575, option #4. The city of Ankeny will also place a red flag at the entrances to the fields when the fields are closed. 

Thanks for Another Great Season!!

Thanks to everyone for a great season!  We appreciate all the support we receive from our parents, managers and coaches, and sponsors who make our league able to operate and succeed!  See you next season!

Introducing the 2016 Ankeny Little League Executive Board!

Congratulations to the following individuals who won the recent election!

President - Rick Langel
Vice Presidents
  • Rob Sheeks
  • Andi Dietrich
  • Steve Roberts
District 3 Representative - Becky Simmons
Secretary - Janean Carey
Player Agent - Aaron Bradshaw
Pre-Little League Player Agent - This position is still open
Treasure - Amanda Paulsen
Safety Director - Rob Fouraker

Congratulations to the Senior All Stars!

Our Senior All Star Team are District 3 champions and state runner ups! 

Tate Beardsley
Dawson DeAngelo
Nate Hayden
Jesse Kisker
AJ Pierce
Ben Schiltz
Nick Schmidt
Connor Schultz
Dominick Strom
Quentin Vandenberg
Jacob Wilson
Jordan Wilson

Manager: Kevin Kisker
Coach: Ken Pierce

Are You A Positive Influence For Your Kids?

The following story was related to us by one of the coaches for a team this season:  
We were up to bat in the bottom of the first when this kid came up. Men on 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs. Their pitcher was throwing well and had already struck out 2, including our best hitter. The kid had a tough year at the plate, generally a K or BB. This time was a K. In the dugout, everyone's heading out for defense and he's sitting with his head down, tears running through his eye black. I kneel down to give him the standard coach pep talk; everyone strikes out, that kid is pitching great, time to go play defense. He looks me straight in the eye and says "I'm not crying because I struck out, I'm crying because my Dad is so disappointed."
I apologize for all the detail, but this is the kind of story you read but it never quite sinks in until you experience it. I'm not sure I'll ever forget the look on that kid's face.
Everyone wants their kid to succeed.  We need to ensure we do not put undue pressure on our kids, and be supportive of them regardless of how they do.  Sometimes kids don't succeed, and that's ok.  It's how we help them through tough times and help them learn to do better the next time that provides the memories your player will remember.  In a year this player won't remember that at bat, but he will remember the stress that was on him.  As Ankeny Little League we emphasize sportsmanship and being a positive influence.  Let's make sure we are positive influences on our kids so they learn to love the game because it's fun.

Congratulations to the Double A Cubs - TOC Winners!

The AA Cubs won the 2015 9/10 year old District 3 Tournament of Champions!  Way to go!
Carson Agan
Holden Calabro
Thomas Hoch
Gregory McClure
Matthew Ritland
Michael Ritland
Austin Rowe
Caleb Sickerson
Jonathan Smoldt
Spencer Tague
Max Watson
Manager: Curt Smoldt
Assistant: Cory McClure

Congratulations to the 2015 City Tournament Winners!

Thanks for a great season, and congratulations to the winners of the city tourney!

Great Job!
League1st Place 2nd Place 
 Single A Giants White Sox
 Double A Royals Braves
 Triple A Rays Brewers
 Intermediates RockiesMets 
 Juniors Phillies A's

The Matheny Manifesto: A Must Read For Little League Parents

St Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny wrote a book in 2008 about the role of parents in youth sports called, "The Matheny Manifesto".  Here is a recent interview with him about that topic.

Check Out This Video of Prairie Ridge Baseball Fields! 

This is a video taken with a drone by one of our Single A managers!  It's a view of the fields that we normally don't get to see.  Thanks for sharing, Aaron! 

Attention Parents:  Mobile App Available

Jevin (the company Ankeny Little League works with for managing teams, games, etc) has released a mobile application which allows you to see upcoming events and your team's roster on your smartphones.  Here is the Android version and here is the iPhone version.

Attention Parents And Coaches: Please Check Out "Pitch Smart"!

For 75 years, Little League has strived to provide children with healthy and safe baseball and softball opportunities. Little League would like to congratulate Major League Baseball and USA Baseball for the launch of their new Pitch Smart campaign, as we continue to work together to make baseball a safe, fun sport for all children.

The Pitch Smart program is a collaborative effort to encourage youth baseball pitchers to adhere to strict pitch count limits with mandatory day's rest. The program follows the same guidelines that Little League established in 2006 to protect young arms. Both Little League's pitch count regulations and the Pitch Smart program directly benefited from the insight and expertise of Dr. James Andrews, notable orthopedic surgeon and a member of Little League International Board of Directors, and his colleague, Dr. Glenn Fleisig, also of the American Sports Medicine Institute. Dr. Andrews recently wrote about the importance of putting the baseball glove down for Little League's The Parent Connection.

"The issue of arm safety is something we take very seriously here at Little League," said Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and CEO. "We are thrilled to see the launch of the Pitch Smart campaign, and Little League looks forward to continuing to work with Major League Baseball and USA Baseball to enhance the safety of the sport for all its young participants."

After several years of research, Little League launched its pitch count program in 2006. With limits set for different amounts of pitches for different age groups, Little League has been diligent in protecting young arms since establishing strict pitching rules based on Dr. Andrews' research. With many baseball players participating in Little League and other youth baseball programs, it is important for parents and coaches to use the Pitch Smart campaign and the Little League pitch count program to ensure young pitching arms stay safe.

Little League strongly encourages all Little League volunteers, parents, and officials to review PitchSmart.org and share it with others.        

Interested in Serving on the Little League Board?

Ankeny Little League is looking for community members who want to volunteer their time to help run one of the best organizations in Ankeny.  Ankeny Little League serves over 1200 youth, and it takes many great volunteers to make a season happen.  If you are interested in serving on the board, or if you want more information about volunteering, please contact League President Shawn Wolfe.

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Ankeny Little League Mission
Ankeny Little League is a youth baseball organization serving the community of Ankeny residing within Iowa Little League District 3.  We are committed to fostering the ideals of sportsmanship, hard-work and respect through our community-based youth baseball programs. We will endeavor to support and develop these character traits within our participants, volunteers and guests within a safe, family-oriented environment. We will strive to have fun while providing baseball skills development, healthy competition, respect and appreciation for the game of baseball.
Registration for the 2015 Season is now closed.

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