Junior League Softball Information: 

We are excited that you are interested in joining the Greenville Youth Sports 9 and 10 year old Junior Softball league. Please follow the link to register your child for a GYS league. 

The Junior League incoming 9 year olds and new incoming 10 year olds will participate in tryouts and then will be drafted by the coaches of the Junior League. Every child will get drafted that was not in the Junior League last year. Draft order will be determined by last year's tournament finishes and if there is a tie then by last year's league standing. If the child does not show for the tryouts they will be drafted randomly by the Softball Coordinator until an even amount of players are on each team. The 9 year old children drafted or placed on a team will remain on that team and will not be required to try out the following year.

2017 Draft

The Greenville Youth Sports Girls Junior League drafts will be on Sunday, April 9th at the Hortonville High School Fieldhouse at 11:30 a.m.

Please have the player:

1. Bring their glove,helmet and bat if they have one. If they do not have a helmet or bat, we will have one available.

2. Wear clean gym shoes

3. Bring a water bottle.

Parent's please also remind your daughters that everyone will be placed on a team, so they do not need to be nervous. Have fun and try their best!

General Rules & Guidelines for Junior League Games: 
1. The league teams will now play according to a combination of age and grade, not just grade as in the past. All 3rd & 4th graders along with any 5th graders who have not turned 11 before January 1st of current year. We will use the January 1 cutoff date, for example any girl that turns 11 on or after January 1 of this current year will play in the 10U Junior League and any girls that turned 11 before January 1 of this current year will play in the 12U Senior League. 
2. 35 Foot pitching distance will be used. (Measured from back of the plate to the rubber). 
3. 11 - inch softball will be used in league play. 
4. All batters and runners must wear helmets with a face mask. 
5. Catchers MUST WEAR protective chest, face, and leg gear during practices and games. 
6. A game consists of 6 innings or 90 minutes time limit, whichever comes first. A 10 run rule applies after 5 innings and no more than 4 runs can be scored per inning. If a game is tied at the time limit, it will remain a tie. No new inning will be started after 90 minutes. The plate umpire will keep the time limit and the next innings starts with the last out of the previous inning. A full inning is allowed to be played up to a maximum of six (6), as long as there is any time remaining at the end of the previous inning. A time limit exception is during the championship game. 
7. A line up consists of 10 players. To start a game a team must have a minimum of 6 players. Once a game begins a team can play with less than 6 due to injury, health, etc. 
8. In case of rain, the Board will determine if games are to be played. First check the website, then Facebook. There will be an email sent to the head coaches and also be a sign posted at the park for rain outs.

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