The Bosinius family has established a college scholarship fund in Joan??s name which will be awarded annually to one or more baseball or softball players who have played in a District 34 Little League program.  This is a one-year award.  The number and amount of the scholarship(s) will be determined by funding; however, a minimum of $250 is guaranteed.

All candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The candidate must be a graduating senior who has played a minimum of five (5) years in a Little League within District 34, one (1) of which must be in the Junior, Senior or Big-League divisions.  The 1 year in Junior, Senior or Big-League divisions is not mandated for players in the Challenger division.  The candidate may pursue any field of study in college.
  2. Candidate must have verified proof of community service, or
  3. Candidate must have verified proof of services to his or her local Little League.
  4. This can include working the concession stand, umpiring or field maintenance. ??

The administration of the scholarship will be handled by the Bosinius Family and the standing Executive Board of District 34.

How to Participate:

  1.  Candidates must obtain a letter from their League President verifying that they are eligible for the scholarship. 
  2. Candidates who have been verified by their League President must submit an essay of 150-200 words describing how Little League has influenced their lives. 
  3. The essay, verification letter from League president and proof of community service must be typed and mailed to Jillian Bosinius, at the above address, to be received by June 1.
  4. Winners will be announced at Affidavit Night in June
  5. Email all above info to or mail to D34, 27 Jagger Ct., Melville, NY 11747 

For more information contact Steven Muraco 631.445.6531 or

New York D34 Little League

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