How to Report Your Score Pitch Counts

The Winning Team's managers must report the score and pitch counts for all pitchers (your team & Opposing team) within 2 hours after game completion.

All above information must be entered on your Coach's portal:

          Click On Coach Tab on Left Side

          Click On Home Tab

          Click On Enter Scores on Top of Page

          Click On Result to Enter Score/Pitch Counts

          Click On Result to View Pitching Eligibility for Both Teams

HHH - How to Enter Your Roster

Please Enter/Edit Your Roster Prior To Your First Game!!

How to Enter Your Roster:

Log into your Coach's portal Account

Coach Tab on Left Hand Side

Click on Home

Click on Manage Roster

Player Info Needed when entering roster:

Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email address & Cell Number

How to Reserve a Batting Cage:

Log into Coach Portal

Coach tab

Venue reservation

Select day.

Right click on any white box when you want to start to reserve a batting cage.

How to View Pitch Summary/Roster for Your Next Game:

  1. Login using your coach credentials for your Coach Portal
  2. Click on the View Schedule button at the top
  3. Choose List View
Click on the Report link for the game you wish to view.

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