D34 Invitational - Teams Must Register No Later Than 6/21/22  - Click Blue Registration Tab :

Registrations Instructions:

1.   Create a New Account or Log Into your current account
2.   Complete your manager info only, DO NOT create any player profiles or input any player data or any of your Child's Info!
3.   Save & Click next on bottom
4.   Under your profile, uncheck the none box
5.   Select Sport  Baseball/Softball
6.   Select Team In drop down box
7.   Select your D34 division


8.   Select none for any other profile on the screen
9.   Select next & continue until you finish the registration process
10. You Do Not Have To Enter Your Roster During Registration, The System Will Tell You MUST Have 10 Players But Just Hit Next On Bottom & You Are Good. Team Is Registered, You Will Get A Confirmation Email.
11. Go Back Whenever You Want To Your Account (Coach Portal) To Enter Your Roster.  Login Into Your Account - Coach Tab - Home - Manage Roster

New York D34 Little League

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